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Why Canvassing?

Direct Voter Contact

Increasing voter turnout is simple but requires campaigns to see the need. Voter turnout requires direct voter contact, at the door or on the phone, with a messenger who can deliver a message that resonates in your district and or community.

Voter Education

Voter education is important to ensure that voters have the necessary information not only to exercise their right, but also have an understanding and confidence  of the voting process.

Get out the Vote (GOTV)

GOTV is a crucial part of a campaign and can make the difference between winning and losing. 

 GOTV improves voter turnout, including  canvassing, mail, ads, TV, phone and text banking.


Door Knocking

Political Canvassing is undertaken with four objectives:

  • Identifying potential supporters: To understand who is likely to vote for you or not.

  • Voter ID: To get information on voters in your lists for better targeting moving forward.

  • GOTV: When you are sure of a voter’s support to you

  • Persuasion efforts: When the voter is on the fence, and you want to swing their vote.

Identifying potential voters and gathering information are the initial stages of canvassing.

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